Let's get our country back!

The law of the United Kingdom is based upon Common Law. It is the bedrock of our British Constitution which consists of the Magna Carta 1215, the Declaration of Rights and the Bill of Rights. Any acts or statutes created by Parliament must not contradict common law. If any do, they are null and void.

The Magna Carta was created to protect the people should the nations rulers not rule as they should. It was used in 1688 at the start of The Glorious Revolution and the outcome was the declaration of rights contained in the bill of rights.

We haven't needed to use The Magna Carta since then until the government began giving away our sovereignty in 1973 through the integration into the EEC, now known as the European Union.

Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 was invoked on the 23rd March 2001.

This royally commands the community of the whole land to distress and harass the monarch by all the ways in which we are able; that is to say, by the taking of her castles, lands, and possessions, and by any other means in our power without violence or harm.

We do this by gaining lawful excuse and throwing spanners in the works of Crown Agents (HMRC, Councils, Courts, Police etc.). E.g. Individually by letters and non-cooperation, also as groups by seizing buildings and compelling others to do the same.

Our constitution was created to protect us but we must protect it. If we do not use it, we will lose it and will be governed unfairly.

The government has already tried repealing our constitution and although article 61 states that any action in this manner is null and void, their intention is clear.

If you are unhappy with the way the country is being run today you can research the above further at www.lawfulrebellion.info

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