A Wake Up Call!

So when i tell people about the Magna Carta 1215 article 61 and how it was invoked on the 23 March 2001 and that the crown has had no power from that date and that its against the law to pay any kind of tax in the UK and that there conning us, people say i'm mad lol just look in the daily telegraph march 24th 2001 its printed on the middle page lol they had to publicly announce it so they put it in a paper that to be honest who the hell reads that paper lol daily mirror, daily star,the sun, not even a mention in there ,can you imagine if everyone new that the councils ,courts parliament and police have no power what so ever lol and that they are conning us, why you ask ,fraud ,there all corrupt and taking all our hard earned cash by fear and deception ,there trying to take all our freedom and rights away from us people, everyone needs to wake up and put a stop to this by transferring all statutory stuff , ie birth certificates ,property and anything else over to common law at www.commonlawcourt.com ,

you can even grow cannabis under common law, i've got the certificate to prove it lol like got new common law birth certificates with new ref codes for all my kids including myself and my wife as i own all our fictitious names , end of the day its all our cash thats paying for these people to to try and rule you, i'm FREE are you ????my name is dean renshaw not MR D RENSHAW take a look at meet your strawman on google and learn about your birth certificate and what it really means.

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