How can the Magna Carta 1215 help me?

If used correctly, the MC 1215 is our greatest tool in restoring peace throughout our nation and preventing the corrupt government from getting away with further acts against humanity.

As a lawful rebel I have a lawful duty to compel you to also join our movement in 'Lawful Rebellion' and stand upon our British Constitution which is the only true law in Britain at this time.

Constitutional law dictates that anyone standing under lawful rebellion is obliged to refuse co-operation and must take direct action to disrupt the treasonous regime i.e. The Crown and all it's servants such as courts, councils, police etc. This means that if you are freely paying council tax, water rates, TV license, parking fines etc. you could be breaking the law.

As lawful rebels we follow only 3 rules, cause no harm, no injury and no loss. To do so would be a breach of the peace and that is the only thing they could possibly get away with arresting us for.

It is crucially important for us to remain in honour at all times and so we follow a peaceful and honourable process based on one question..."Since the invocation of the Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 on the 23rd March 2001, what authority do you have to demand [whatever] from me?" No-one making the demands has yet answered this question because they don't have any authority. For more information visit and/or join the facebook group 'Practical Lawful Dissent'.

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