Why does the Magna Carta 1215 affect me today?

The Magna Carta 1215 affects us all. It was set up to protect the people should the reigning monarch fail in his/her duty to do so. Despite many people claiming it was revoked, replaced or just not relevant today, on the 23rd March 2001, the Magna Carta 1215 was invoked (activated) in accordance with the Charter's clause 61. See here.

Evidence from the daily telegraph on the 24th March 2001 see here and letters between the committee of the baron and Sir Robin Janvrin (The queen's private secretary) see here are proof that the Magna Carta 1215 is relevant and in effect today.

It is absolutely crucial for our own future and that of our children, grandchildren and descendants that we the people, to now unite and take action together until peace is restored.

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