My name is Dean Renshaw aka TINY. I was born in South Normanton,
Derbyshire, UK in 1975. Raised in the same area, I began work at 15 years old.
Through 4 separate relationships I now have 6 children of my own and 3 step-children,
Having all but 2 of those living with my wife and I at some point through their own choice.
Within my lifetime so far, I have been employed, self employed, claimed benefits,
been homeless with a young family, arrested, attended court (both criminal and family),
been the target of armed response units, married, divorced, sent my kids to school, home educated them,
had issues with social services, educational welfare officers, Multi Agency Teams, other council departments
 and have much more experience than is safe to disclose.
I am the nicest guy you could ever meet.
I'm loyal, respectful, considerate and will stick up for you no matter what,
unless you break my trust or hurt my family and/or friends...
...for then, I am to be feared.
My experiences enable me to understand other people's circumstances
and will hopefully help you to realise what's really happening within our world today
and what we can each do about it through my 'Lawful Rebellion' blog.
I have lived on the gorgeous Isle of Wight with my beautiful wife and our amazing children since 2013.
Currently self employed, I am running my own waste disposal / scrap business across the island,
my own Forever Living Products Shop and an e-commerce website tinyspartystuff.com
You can find my blog and my businesses on the header menu at the top of each page.
I hope you enjoy reading.

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